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Nevada Sen. John Ensign: Self anointed Adonis of the Religious Right

What can I say about Senator John Ensign’s superior sexual prowess that hasn’t already been addressed by the mainstream Media?
Members of the Left-Coast (aka, God haters) would assert that ol’ John Ensign is a certifiable hypocrite due to the fact that he expressed moral outrage (is there another kind for evangelical adulterers) in demanding that President Bill Clinton resign over the Monica Lewinsky affair. In fact, Senator John Ensign consistently engaged in spewing forth appropriate “Swaggartism’s” (aka, feigned indignation) at liberal despots who had gone-off-the-reservation so to speak in screwing some woman that wasn’t his wife. Senator John Ensign did this while at the same he pontificated that God had forgiven adulterous-sinners such as Lousiana Senator Vitter David Vitter. I guess that what’s good for the goose (born again Christian, family values right-wingers) is irrelevant when dealing with God/American hating left-wing, commie-pinkos, right?
I don’t know about Y’all, but I can’t recall the late Bishop George Rehring of Toledo, Ohio ever stating in one of his sermons during high mass on Sunday’s at Rosary Cathedral that God was predisposed to only forgive adulterous sinners if they were right-wing ultra conservatives (aka, nut cases), although I stand to be corrected.
Just because Senator John Ensign refuses to resign his Senate seat because he was screwing the help (staff member’s wife) when he demanded that President Clinton resign doesn’t really qualify as hypocrisy, right? Let’s be truthful here folks, Psalm 27.9 of the Old Testament clearly and unambiguously grants total dispensation to adulterers who are members of the Republican Party, right? In fact it is well know amongst the religious right that God demanded less morality from born-again-Christians and self-proclaimed bible-thumpers than he did from those louses on the left.  Praise the Lord and pass the hat!
It cannot be reasonably disputed that Senator John Ensign is a fairly handsome devil, right? You don’t have to believe me! It was well known in D.C. that ex-Florida Congressman Mark Foley had the hots for Senator John Ensign. And at the time, Congressman Mark Foley had available to him young and virile congressional pages of his choosing. Praise the Lord and pass the hat one more time!
And lastly, since Senator John Ensign’s paramour who was the wife of his chief of staff didn’t much care that his wife was being porked on a regular basis by ol’ John, then why in the hell should we give a damn? After all, media reports seem to indicate that this was a profitable venture for the Cindy Hampton and her loser husband Doug (aka, the Pimp and the Pimpette).
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