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Attorney J. Wayne Griego of Albuquerque; ticket fixer, liar

In 2003, then Gov. Bill Richardson was duped into appointing at a judge on the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court. Griego wasn’t appointed because he was the most qualified attorney in the Albuquerque area. He was appointed because he had acted as a compliant lackey for local political hacks for many, many years.
During his insignificant tenure on the bench, Judge Griego was charged with misconduct by the Judicial Standards Commission.
Judge Griego was found guilty of fixing at least 24 traffic tickets for family members, friends and relatives of members of his court staff.
The apologists for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Judicial Commission recommended that Griego be suspended without pay for 90 days and reprimanded for ticket-fixing.
Unfortunately for Judge Griego, the New Mexico Supreme Court didn’t buy into the non-punishment recommended by the enablers on the Judicial Commission.
The Supreme Court ordered that Griego be removed from the bench. In ordering his removal, the Court said it was troubled that Greigo’s testimony at a hearing wasn’t forthcoming nor was it credible (liar).
As to the Commission’s absurd recommendation, Chief Justice Edward Chavez said, “Isn’t the commission copping out here? What are they thinking?” (Albuquerque Journal)
This only further proves that the Judicial Commission holds Judicial Misfits to a much lower standard of conduct.
As we speak (ca. Jan 2012) Griego practices law at 600 1st Ave. N.W. in Albuquerque.
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