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Judge Renee Ferguson of Evansville, IN: incompetent loser


The state Virginia presented Renee Allen Ferguson with a law license in 1997 after he graduated from the University of Indiana School of Law.  


The Indiana Court of Appeals found Judge Ferguson guilty of the following incompetent behavior regarding a litigant’s “due process” rights.


In one matter, Judge Ferguson was involved in a case involving a mother who was facing a petition filed by the Department of Child Services (DCS) to terminate her parental rights to her three minor children. After the mother failed to appear for a status of counsel hearing, Judge Niemeier entered a default judgment against her, thereby terminating her parental rights.  


Even though the mother filed a timely timely motion to correct the error of her nonappearance at the hearing and to explain to the court her failure to appear at the hearing, Judge Niemeier denied her motion.


Subsequently, DCS conceded that the mother was not provided the due process protection to which she is entitled and that the court’s termination order failed to enter findings of fact and conclusions of law as required by Indiana Code section 31-35-2-8.


In remanding the case back to Niemeier the Moron, the Court of Appeals stated in part:


“Furthermore, the Court also reminds the trial courts throughout this state of their duty to ensure that litigants’ due process rights are not violated.”


Apparently, Judge Niemeier is of the opinion that “due process” is the means by which the grass becomes moist in the a.m.


As we speak (ca. March 2019), Renee continues to sit as Vanderburgh Superior Court Juvenile Magistrate judge in Evansville, Indiana.


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