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Donald Trump: Today’s “Joseph Stalin Journalism” Award Winner


From 1922 thru 1952, Stalin was the despotic leader of the Soviet Union. He was personally responsible for the executions and deaths in prison of 1.2 million political opponents and at least 18 million folks who were placed in the Gulag system.


Stalin, was reported to have used the term “enemy of the people” when commenting on the press. His fellow despot Adolph Hitler riled up his fellow bigots by referring to the Jews as “enemies of the people.”


In his recent (ca. February 2019) response to Maggie Haberman’s New York Times piece that he tried to put the arm on acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker to appoint a Trump ally as the U.S. Attorney General overseeing the Manhattan investigation of Michael Cohen, The Great Leader said:

  • “The New York Times reporting is false.”
  • “They are a true ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”

The Great Leader may want to seek legal advice as to whether he may face a plagiarism lawsuit from Joseph Stalin’s heirs. If he does so, he might want to avoid hiring Rudy Giuliani!


And lastly, it is painfully clear that The Great Leader is nothing more than a Stalin Wannabee who relishes the thought of being America’s First Lifetime Dictator. His sole fear of a free press which includes the Times is that the Truth will not set him Free.


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