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Fox’s Ed Henry: Today’s “Moron” Award Winner


During a recent (ca. early Feb 2019) appearance on an episode of Fox News’ Fox & Friends Comedy Show, Ed Henry was invited to act as a guest co-host comic along with long time co-host comedian Steve Doocy.


In this instance Eddie and Stevie decided to talk about a recent arrest by border patrol agents and the seizure of 254 pounds of fentanyl on the southern border. Towards that end, the two comedians engaged in the following dialogue.



“Now it sounds like there are provisions in the U.S. code where the president of the United States does not have to declare a national emergency, but he can still use some money that has already been programmed for something to reprogram it for the wall, and that's according to the Congressional Research Center.”

‘They said the president can build the wall without Congress.”


“Which of those prototypes is more likely to stop the spread of drugs across the border, by the way?”

“Look at what the U.S. Border Patrol did. they seized 254 pounds of fentanyl, OK? Valued at $3.5 million.”

 “We're told it's enough to kill up to 57 million people.”

“This is staggering in the middle of the opioid crisis here.”

“The president's talked about it, and just a week or so ago, the Border Patrol also said that they had seized about 700 pounds of cocaine in one shipment”

“Look how much fentanyl is there and how they're trying to poison our children with it.”


Eddie’s asinine comments came immediately after fellow moron and comedian Doocy said “the president can build the wall without Congress.” The fentanyl that was seized was hidden in the bottom of a semi-truck trailer while it was attempting to cross the border at a lawful port of entry. Put simply, a 1000 foot wall would not and will not prevent further attempts to bring in fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamines and/or heroin since it all comes through lawful ports of entry by car or truck.


However, it would be nice to erect a 1000 foot wall to keep Eddie and Stevie from reaching the Fox Studios in New York City.



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