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Donald Trump: Today’s “Don Corleone” Award Winner


In an ongoing attempt to retain his standing as America’s Premier Screwball and Congenital Liar, The Great Leader decided to once again go after former FBI director James Comey. Towards that end, The Great Leader tossed out the following red meat for his low I.Q. followers to digest while speaking to a gaggle of reporters on the White House lawn.


  • “So what happened with the FBI, I have done a great service for our country when I fired James Comey, because he was a bad cop and he was a dirty cop and he lied.”
  • “He really lied.”

First and foremost, for The Great Leader to call anyone a liar is laughable at best. Secondly, he fired Comey because he failed to (a) pledge his allegiance to The Don, and (b) refused to go easy on the Flynn investigation. This fact was admitted to by The Great Leader during an interview with Lester Holt and his comments to the Russian Ambassador at the White House shortly after he fired Comey.


Calling Comey a “dirty cop” is exactly the language one would hear from a Godfather in a New York crime family. In fact, it was the excuse that Don Corleone’s consigliore Tom Hagen played by Robert Duvall mouthed to The Don’s son played by Al Pacino to justify killing a “dirty copy”  Capt. McCluskey played by Sterling Hayden that was protecting mobster Virgil Sollozzo played by Al Lettieri in the original Godfather movie.


Goshes and Gollies, isn’t it just great to have a President who is auditioning for a role as The Don in Godfather IV? Unfortunately, as President he isn’t auditioning for such a role, he is actually playing the role of Don Trumporleone.


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