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Donald Trump’s Coal promise to miners takes a dive


During the presidential campaign, The Great Leader repeatedly promised coal miners in West Virginia and Kentucky that as president he would take affirmative steps to resurrect the industry and that in doing so many, many mines would reopen, creating tens-of-thousands of new jobs.


Unfortunately, the voters in West Virginia and Kentucky believed the BS hat The Great Leader was telling them despite incontrovertible evidence proving that the lifespan of coal was on a steep decline. In truth, coal production will end up 44% lower in 2018 as opposed to where it was in 2007. Furthermore, 529 coal generating units have been retired since 2017.


In his attempt to raise coal from the dead, The Great Leader recently (ca. November 2018) singed a bill allowing more coal waste to be dumped into streams and rivers without remediation. However, in spite of The Great Leader’s  promotion, coal plants closed at a record pace in both 2017 and 2018. And on Wednesday, the Energy Information Administration reports that coal consumption has plunged to levels not seen since 1979. (Mark Sumner)


It is indeed unfortunate that the hard working folks in Kentucky and West Virginia fell for The Great Leader’s lies. Hopefully, the vast majority of them will wake up soon and realize they’ve been bamboozled just like the victims of Trump University.


And lastly, to be fair to the Great Leader, the affirmative steps he has taken will assure that the air they breathe and the water they drink will be much dirtier and polluted than it previously was.


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