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Donald Trump: Today’s “Lyin’ Whiny Crybaby” Award Winner


In his ongoing effort to disparage Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s investigation of him, his family members, and other assorted Trump lackies and sycophants for conspiring with Russia to effect the 2016 presidential election, The Great Leader decided to comment on Paul Manafort’s breach of his plea deal with Mueller.


Towards that end, The Great Leader spewed forth the following tweets as red meat to be swallowed whole by his low I.Q. followers.

  • “The Fake News Media builds Bob Mueller up as a Saint, when in actuality he is the exact opposite.”
  • “He is doing TREMENDOUS damage to our Criminal Justice System, where he is only looking at one side and not the other.”
  • “Heroes will come of this, and it won’t be Mueller and his terrible Gang of Angry Democrats.”
  • “Look at their past, and look where they come from.”
  • “The now $30,000,000 Witch Hunt continues and they’ve got nothing but ruined lives.”
  • “Where is the Server? Let these terrible people go back to the Clinton Foundation and “Justice” Department!”

Unlike The Great Leader who is an unabashed 5-time Draft Dodging Scaredy Cat Whimp, Mueller served his country in Vietnam and received:

  • Bronze Star with “V” for valor rescuing a wounded Marine under enemy fire during an ambush in which he saw half of his platoon become casualties
  • Purple Heart Medal for being wounded in combat
  • Two Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals with Combat "V" for Valor 
  • Combat Action Ribbon,
  • National Defense Service Medal
  • Vietnam Service Medal with four service stars
  • Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross

In addition, Mueller’s father served as a Navy officer in the Atlantic and Mediterranean theaters during World War II. Compare this to The Great Leader’s grandfather who was booted out of German for evading the draft.


One thing we can be assured of and that is that when the Trump Presidency comes to an end he’ll be remembered in history as the most corrupt, narcissistic ignoramus to have ever sat in the White House.


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