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Former Judge Ronald Tills of Buffalo; convict, pimp

Ronald Tills was presented with a law license by the State of New York in 1960 after he graduated from the University of Buffalo Law School.
After his retirement as a Supreme Court Judge in Buffalo, Ronnie was arrested and charged with procuring prostitutes (Pimping) for his social club. And the name of the Social Club you ask? Appropriately, it was the Buffalo chapter of the “Royal Order of Jesters.” How cool is that?
One of the girls that Ronnie was pimping was an illegal immigrant who couldn’t speak English and was sold into sexual slavery as a young woman. Ronnie transported Coco across states lines to serve as a prostitute at a Jesters convention in Kentucky.
Ronnie also found it acceptable to engage in a sexual relationship with a woman who had previously appeared before him when was a judge and then recruiting her to work as a prostitute at yet another Jesters convention.
Ronnie readily admitted that while he was sitting as a state Supreme Court judge in Buffalo that he repeatedly recruited prostitutes for a number of Jesters weekend outings, referred to as “books.”
Subsequently, Ronnie pleaded guilty to a felony charge of transporting prostitutes across state lines and received an 18-month prison sentence.
If I was the sentencing judge I would have given Ronnie the same sentence that was meted out to another infamous New York Pimp, Charlie “Lucky” Luciano. I sincerely apologize to any of Lucky’s family members for the comparison.
The Royal Order of Jesters is a division of the Freemasons. How many members of the Order of Jesters and/or Freemasons knew of Ronnie’s criminal pimping activity before he was arrested by the Feds? And how many of those folks were attorneys and/or judicial officers, all of whom had a sworn duty to report Ronnie to the proper authorities. I guess the “right to remain” silent is “golden” among attorney/judicial members of these organizations!
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