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Did Jesus tell Gov. Rick Perry to withdraw from the Presidential race?


We all know or should know that Mrs. Rick Perry previously said that she received a communiqué from Jesus telling her that he wanted Ricky to run for President. And then there’s Herman Cain that claimed Jesus told him to run for the Presidency.
Now, please don’t confuse Jesus Menendez’s request that Ricky withdraw from seeking the Republican nomination to the Jesus that spoke with Mrs. Perry and Herman Cain.
We also recently discovered from Mrs. Rick Santorum that she believes that the Holy Spirit (aka, Jesus) speak through Ricky.
If in fact Jesus is speaking through Rick Santorum, then it stands to reason that Jesus would have directed Ricky Perry to withdraw from the presidential race, right?
We know that Newt “The Serial Philanderer” hasn’t claimed that Jesus instructed him to run for President, right?
Since the Holy Spirit (aka, Jesus) speaks through Santorum, it appears that Jesus has finally settled on Santorum as his anointed Rick as his favorite candidate.
This is going to get like really confusing if Jesus becomes disenchanted with Santorum and seeks out another favorite son. Hopefully, Jesus has spoken for the last time on his choice for President.
In truth, it appears that Jesus told Ricky “Get outta here!”
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