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Judge John R. O’Malley of Kansas City, KS; one of the good guys

John R. O’Malley was appointed to the Jackson County Circuit Court in Kansas City in1989.
Before his appointment to the bench, O’Malley served as a prosecuting attorney in Grandview and as assistant city counsel for the city of St. Louis.
During his tenure on the bench in Kansas City, Judge O’Malley was the commissioner of the Kansas Judicial Commission.
While on the commission, the case of Former Judge Deborah Neal came before Judge O’Malley. It involved Judge Neal soliciting loans from attorneys appearing before her so that she could use the funds to satisfy her gambling habit. For more information on Judge Neal’s conduct visit the URL listed at the end of this article.
When speaking about the lawyers that lent Neal money, Judge O’Malley said, as for the lawyers involved in the loans, Jackson County Circuit Court Judge John R. O’Malley, a former member chairman of the judicial commission said any lawyers who practiced law before Neal should be disciplined. “At the least they should be suspended,” Judge O’Malley said. “At the most they should be disbarred.”
It’s comforting to know that Judge O’Malley had the courage and ethics to tell it like it is. Unfortunately, Judge O’Malley is in the minority when it comes to judges acting in total compliance with their Oaths of Office.
Kudos to Judge John R. O’Malley as an honest judicial officer!
As we speak (ca. Jan 2012) Judge O’Malley sits as an immigration Judge in Kansas City after his appointment by the U.S. Attorney General.

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