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Do you support BRIBERY in Presidential Elections? If ya don’t, you should



Those engaged in the time-honored Olympian Sport of Bribing Public Officials laughingly claim said bribes are actually campaign contributions. Such hyperbolic (BS) claims don’t pass the involuntary laugh test.
In the Republican Presidential race we have several so-called Super PACS (Super-Bribers) that are engaged in acting as pimps (my apologies to ethical pimps) for certain candidates.
Billionaire Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson provided a bribe, I’m sorry I mean a contribution of $5 million to a Super PAC calling it self “Winning our Future” that openly supports Newt Gingrich.
Foster Friess a billionaire investor from Wyoming recently pledged $500,000 to be given to a Super Pac called the “Red White and Blue Fund” that openly supports Rick Santorum.
Now does anyone actually believe that Adelson or Friess and/or those of their ilk forked over $5.5 million because they are altruistic do-gooders seeking to promote the most qualified person to run this country?
Anyone that doesn’t believe that these so-called contributions don’t constitute Bribery 101 likely possesses and I.Q. equal to the legal speed limit in a school zone.
What would y’all think if Christy, Jim, Alice and J. Robson Walton who are worth $87 billion decided to put up $5 billion to purchase the Whitehouse by ousting Obama? Would ya be a tad concerned about who was really running the country? I though you would!
If it was up to me I wouldn’t place any limit on bribes paid to purchase the services of public officials as long as the amount of the specific bribe and who did the bribing is posted online within 24 hours.
When the elections over in November, we’ll all know who the undisputed “Bribery King” for 2012 is, which will also tell us who’s actually going to be running the country.
Finally, if you don’t now support unlimited bribing of public officials, it’s high time you did.

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