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Ex. Judge David Bradfield of Detroit; repeat offender, liar, potty mouth Bully

In 1987, David M. Bradfield succeeded in duping the voters in Detroit into electing and reelecting him as District Court Judge in Wayne County (Detroit).
During his tenure on the bench, the Michigan Judicial Commission charged Judge Bradfield with a plethora of misconduct, some of which is set forth below.
1st Bite at the Judicial Misfit Apple Tree – 1992 censure
Dave got into it with a 17-year old motorist over a parking spot at a Mall in Dearborn. When a security guard Dupin intervened; Dave accelerated his gold Cadillac into the spot and struck (assaulted) Dupin. Dupin ended up on crutches. Dave falsely denied striking Dupin; however, he pleaded guilty to reckless driving.
2nd Bite at the Judicial Misfit Apple Tree – 2000 - suspension
Dave was charged with acts of abusive demeanor, predisposition, abuse of discretion (ignoring the law), improper bond rulings in drug cases, inappropriate conduct in landlord-tenant cases, and lack of candor (lying) to the Commission. 
In total, there were ten (10) separate grievances filed against Dave that were part and parcel of the findings of misconduct by the commission that led to his 30-day suspension without pay.
Dave was ordered to attend “anger management” counseling at the Robert Blake Anger Management School located in downtown Burbank, California. 
3rd Bite at the Judicial Misfit Apple Tree – 2005 misconduct
Upon returning to the courthouse in April 2005, Dave noticed another car parked by the judge’s door. He then approached the driver of the other car who happened to be Detroit Deputy Mayor Tony Adams who was waiting for his wife Judge Deborah Adams. Dave pulled alongside Mr. Adams and shouted, “Who the fuck are you?” 
After exiting his car, Mr. Adams met with Dianne Webb, his wife’s judicial clerk. At the same time, while exiting his car; Dave rushed toward the pair in a threatening manner, and grabbed Adams’ shoulder. Dave then shouted he was “street” and from “the hood” and was going to “kick ass.”
While shouting at Judge Adams, Dave referred to Mr. Adams as her “mother fucking husband,” and that he would take her husband “to the street” (meaning kick his ass).
While explaining the incident to Chief Judge Atkins, Dave falsely said it was Mr. Adams who swore at him and acted belligerent, while he had been a perfect gentleman.
Mr. Lee incident
The Court leased 15 parking spaces from Gem Theater’s parking structure for judges’ parking effective October 7, 2002. On Oct. 2 Dave entered that garage in his car. After seeing no available spaces, he approached parking attendant Noah Lee, and identified himself as Judge Bradfield.
Dave demanded to be allowed to park in spaces reserved for judges on the first floor. When Lee told him that the parking agreement took effect the next Monday, Dave became angry and belligerent, and began swearing at Lee.
Commission/Supreme Court Findings
The commission said a previous sanction that included completion of anger management counsel, clearly failed. Hmmm, wonder how the wizards came to that conclusion.
In April, 2006, the Supreme Court indefinitely suspended Dave without pay and ordered he undergo a psychiatric exam to determine if he was fit to remain on the bench.
As we speak (ca. Jan 2012) it appears that Dave the Bully has apparently moved to Minnesota.
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