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Nebraska Supreme Court Justice Michael McCormick; one of the good guys

Michael McCormick was presented with a law license by the Nebraska Supreme Court in 1963 after graduating from Creighton University School of Law.
Justice McCormick has been sitting on the Nebraska Surpeme Court since 1997. The Supreme Court is the final arbiter in regards to punishing Judicial Misfits.
Judge Richard Krepela of Madison was found guilty of creating a false police report while he was a prosecutor by the Judicial Commission. For a better understanding of Krepela’s misconduct view the article listed below this article.
When the Krepela case was decided by the Supreme Court, Justice McCormick was the only one with courage to disagree with his fellow justices. In his written dissent, Justice McCormick said,
“I feel that the altering of a police report and then requesting the investigating officer to change the original to conform to the false report is so egregious as to warrant removal. This type of conduct by any lawyer, much less by a county attorney prosecuting a first degree murder case, goes to the very heart of our judicial system because it involves the integrity of the system. As such, given our choice of 6 month’s suspension or removal, this requires, in my opinion, removal from office.” 
Unfortunately, the enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Supreme Court prevailed, and Judge Krepela was merely suspended for six months when he should have been removed as Justice McCormick ruled.
Kudos to Justice McCormick for have the courage and fortitude to tell it like it is!
As we speak (ca. Jan 2012) Justice McCormick continues to sit on the Nebraska Supreme Court.


Judge Richard Krepela of Madison, NE; lifetime porker, Dufus, de facto criminal
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