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Judge J. David Roper of Augusta, GA; ignoramus, Elmer Gantry Wannabee

J. David Roper was successful in duping the voters in Augusta of electing him as a Superior Court Judge in 2006.
During his worthless tenure on the bench, Judge Roper has proven to be a certified ignoramus. Additionally, Roper finds it perfectly acceptable to totally ignore Georgia law in favor of his twisted moral views. Put simply, Roper believes he has the right to “make the law” and not apply it as intended by the Legislature.
The Goodeau Adoption Matter
Roper denied Theresa Goodeau’s petition to adopt her foster daughter by ruling that adoptions by unmarried persons living with someone else violates Georgia’s public policy that favors the institution of marriage. Ms. Goodeau has been living with Mortimer Lovett for 20 years.
Elmer went on to say, “It cannot be in a child’s best interest to be placed in a household which the courts of this state has condemned as immoral.” Of course Elmer didn’t name any court in Georgia that made any such ruling. And we know why, right?
The Court of Appeal reversed Elmer’s moralizing and bigoted ruling. In fact, the Court stated that Elmer hadn’t properly considered the interests of the 3-year-old child who was placed in Ms. Goodeau’s care two days after she was born. The guardian ad litem (attorney for the child) and a specialist for Children’s Services testified that Goodeau’s adoption was in the best interest of the child.
The Court of Appeals went on to say, “The issue for the court [Elmer] was simply to apply the law as written and determine whether it was in the child’s best interest to allow the adoption. This the court [Elmer] did not do.”
The Christine Long Custody Matter
Christine and her ex-husband Jeremy Long lived in a remote shack without electricity or running water with their 11 children. None of the children had ever been to school or seen a doctor. Subsequently, the Longs were charged with cruelty to children.
The Long case was assigned to Judge Roper. To prove his bona fides as an imperialistic moron, Roper voided a March 2010 decision by the Court of Appeals wherein it ruled that he abused his authority by blocking the return of  he four oldest children to their mother.
The Appeals Court went on to tell Roper that  rulings by the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeals in a case is binding in all subsequent proceedings in that case and a lower court cannot decide to disregard the opinions of this court.
As one would expect, Judge Roper has never been disciplined for intentionally thumbing his nose at the Court of Appeals and/or for knowingly violating Georgia adoption laws in applying his demented sense of morality.
To allow this moralizing buffoon to remain on the bench is a guarantee that his victim pool will increase dramatically in the future.
As we speak (ca. Jan 2012) Roper continues to sit as a Superior Court judge in Augusta.
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