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Donald Trump: Today’s “Whiny Wuss” Award Winner


In keeping up with his ongoing and never ending attack on the New York Times, The Great Leader feigned outrage of the Times’ coverage of him referring to White House Counsel Don McGahn wasn’t a “rat” like John Dean of Watergate fame.


Towards that end, The Great Leader spewed forth the following red meat for consumption by his intellectually depleted followers.

  • “The failing @nytimes wrote a Fake piece today implying that because White House Councel Don McGahn was giving hours of testimony to the Special Councel, he must be a John Dean type 'RAT.”
  • “But I allowed him and all others to testify - I didn’t have to. I have nothing to hide.” Trump tweeted. "....
  • “And I have demanded transparency so that this Rigged and Disgusting Witch Hunt can come to a close.”
  • “So many lives have been ruined over nothing - McCarthyism at its WORST! Yet Mueller & his gang of Dems refuse to look at the real crimes on the other side - Media is even worse! "

The Great Leader continued on with his feeding of red meat to his low I.Q. followers by making the following laughable false and repetitive statements.

  • "No Collusion and No Obstruction, except by Crooked Hillary and the Democrats." the president also tweeted on Sunday morning.
  • "All of the resignations and corruption, yet heavily conflicted Bob Mueller refuses to even look in that direction.”
  • “What about the Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strzok lies to Congress, or Crooked’s Emails!"

In The Great Leader’s Demented Mind, he would clearly have favored a mitigating sentencing defense by convicted mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer that all of his dinner guests complimented him on his rather unique rump roast offering.


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