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Donald Trump fails to take credit for two Illinois factories moving to Mexico


Five time Draft Dodger, Popular vote loser (by almost 3 million) and Serial Liar (4,700 in 18 months), Donald “Trumporleone” Trump has repeatedly in the past falsely taken credit for the creation of jobs in various industries.


However, The Great Leader never takes credit when an American company shuts its door, announces layoffs and/or puts out a press release that its closing its plant and moving it to Mexico.


In August 2018, Stack-On Products announced it was closing its two Chicago-area plants in October 2018 and lay off 153 people. Stack-On stated it decided to relocate to Mexico after The Great Leader announced tariffs on steel and aluminum, as well as other products, from China. (Avery Anapol)


Here we have another prime example of The Great Leader invoking his 5th Amendment Right to Remain Silent in not taking responsibility for the two plants moving to Mexico with the loss of at least 135 jobs.


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