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Sean Hannity's missed opportunity to cash in by being Water-boarded!


In April 2009, Keith Olberman of MSNBC offered to pay Sean "The Man" Hannity $1,000 per second ($60,000 a minute) to subject himself to some humane waterboarding (is there another kind?) Being the well-respected and reknown Sissy that he is, Sean "The Man" decliined Keith Olberman's magnanimous offer. This refusal despite Sean "The Man's" persisentent proclomations that Waterboarding did not constitute torture.


Back in the day (ca. 1950s in Toledo, Ohio) while I attended Rosary Cathedral elementary school located on Collingwood Blvd., me and some of my fellow students reguarly performed Waterboarding on acknowledged Sissies in the mold of Sean "The Man" Hannity. When it was necessary to so act, we'd take the targeted Sissy down behind the old DeVilbiss plant located on Manhattan Blvd. where the Ten-Mile Creek meandered. We would then dunk the miscreant's (Sissies) head into the creek until he admitted he was the Sissy that we all knew he was. My recollection (senility being what it is at this stage in my life) is that my cohorts and I never had to perform a mock drowning more than twice before the designated Sissy agreed to change his ways.


Given Sean "The Man's" professed verility, I suspect that he could have lasted at least 1 second, meaning he passed up an opportunity to earn $1,000. Doesn't speak well of Sean's intelligence or expressed manlihood, right?


I suspect that Sean "The Man" was under the misguided impression that Waterboarding was analogous to surfing on the California coast. What is truly amazing in regards to Sean "The Man's" refusal of Keith Olberman's generous offer was the fact that Mr. Olberman agreed to use Perrier while Waterboarding Sean. It appears that Sean's hatred of anything French caused himi to respectfully decline Mr. Olberman's munificent (means generous for Y'all truthseekers tuning into Sean on a daily basis).




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