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Judge Verna A. Adams of Marin County; enabler/apologist for Judicial Misfits

In 1995, then Gov. Gray Davis was duped into appointing Verna A. Adams to a judgeship on the Marin County Superior Court.
During her insignificant tenure on the bench, Judge Adams was responsible for supervising Judge William McGovern. Unfortunately, Judge McGovern was deemed to be mentally incompetent. Subsequently, he was forced to retire from the bench.
Judge Adams had a sworn duty to report McGovern’s mental status to the proper authorities early on. However, she was one
of four Marin County Judges who took affirmative steps to cover-up McGovern’s mental problems. This cover-up allowed for Judge McGivern to garner sufficient time on the bench so as t o enhance his annual pension.
To review the mental state of Judge McGivern, go to the URL listed at the end of this article.
What kind of person would stand by and allow a judge who doesn’t know what day of the week it is to sit on the bench and render rulings affecting child custody issues, etc.?
Bill was not mentally fit to sit on the bench and Judge Verna A. Adams knew it. In fact, he was so far out of it that, it wouldn’t surprise me if he ordered a male defendant in a divorce case to undergo a hysterectomy. Ouch!!!
Unfortunately for the good folks in Marin County, Judge Adams remains sitting on the bench. What a loser!
Ex. Judge William McGivern of San Rafael, CA;
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