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Donald Trump: Today’s “Whiny Crybaby” Award Winner


In an effort to affirm his position as America’s Premier Whiny Crybaby, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump gave another performance of his childish tantrums when something or someone doesn’t do as he demands.


In this instance, The Great Leader went into a whiny tirade on Air Force One in late July 2018 when he notices that Melania’s television was turned to CNN rather than the approved Fox News Comedy Network.


It was also reported (Willa Frei) that The Great Leader ordered two more TVs at taxpayer expense so that he and Melania could each watch TV in their separate hotels rooms while on the road.


Apparently, it is now a mortal sin for The Great Leader’s current wife (third) to watch the “real” news rather than the pro-Trump propaganda spewed forth by the Trump Toadies and Sycophants on Fox.


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