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Donald Trump announces Pervert Jamboree


First and foremost, a Jamboree is defined as large celebration or party, typically a lavish and boisterous one. In this instance, several unreliable and anonymous sources have indicated that The Great Leader will shortly be announcing a Jamboree to celebrate the accomplishments of an assortment of gentrified individuals


The perverts who will be invited to the inaugural Pervert Jamboree are as follows.

  • Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore – child molester
  • Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert – child molester
  • Rep. Anthony (“Hot Dog”) Weiner – convicted of sending sexually explicit photos of his “junk” to a 15-year-old girl
  • Wade Sanders – Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy: 3 years for possession of child pornography
  • Rep. Mel Reynolds – convicted of 12 counts of sexual assault and solicitation of child pornography
  • Sen. Bob Packwood – resigned after 9 women accused him of sexual misconduct
  • Jerry Sandusky – convicted of 45 counts of child molestation while coaching at Penn State

This prestigious and inaugural event will be held at the Blue Room in the White House. The invitees will be required to stay at the Trump International Hotel in DC for the weekend of the Jamboree.


Room rates will be offered at $675 per night, which will include a free cup of coffee and one donut for each of the three nights. Also included, will be free access to pornographic movies on the Playboy Channel.


For those attendees that want to view images of The Great Leader and Stormy Daniels getting it on or the Russian Pee tape they can be had for a cost of $955.00 per tape for a total costs of $1,910. For those who wish to view both tapes, the cost would be $1,905.00.


And lastly, The Great Leader has indicated that all fees to view Playboy porn, the Pee tape and/or Story and Don getting it on  will be donated to the Donald Trump Foundation to be used to defray the costs of criminal defense attorneys for Trump family members and deserving Trump Toadies.


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