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Sean Hannity: Journalism's answer to Walter Cronkite


I know what you're thinking folks! You're thinking I must be nuts in suggesting that Sean Hannity is America's answer to journalistic integrity as practiced by the late Walter Cronkite, right?


According to Sean's missives on his radio and TV show, he is the dispenser of the real truth (aka, a source for the truth). In fact, during the primary election between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Sean consistently dispalyed an aura of being totally unbiased. Before Hillary was defeated by Obama, Sean would begin his crusade for the truth by saying, "Welcome to the only source for political news," followed by "Its the stop the Hillary Express."


This is consistent with how Walter Cronkite spewed forth the evening news on CBS during the JFK and Nixon election. Walter would start off by saying, "Welcome to the CBS evening news, its the stop the Nixon Express." And when Dwight Eisenhower ran against Adlai Stevenson it was "Welcome, its the stop the Eisenhower express." I'm sure you old codgers remember it well, right?


And then when Obamma ousted Hillary for the Democrat nomination, Sean changed his tune to "Welcome, its the stop the Obama express," which only further proves his journalistic integrity in being unbiased in reporting the news.


When time permits and I'm in need of some comedic relief, I tune into Sean's radio show. I must admit that it is nearly impossible to discover a time when Sean wasn't totally truthful in dissemating the news. Now some on the left will assert that Sean is a liar and fabricator of falsehoods. However, I respectfully demure. Just because Sean fabricatres a falsehood here and there doesn't mean it can't be true, right? After all, Sean is a devout Catholic and I dare you to name one devout Catholic who has ever told an untruth. 


I suspect it won't be long before CBS Evening News offers Sean a lucrative contract in the millions of dollars to anchor the CBS Evening News. And if CBS refuses to so act, then I'm hopeful that ABC or NBC will recognize Sean's talents as America's premier broadcaster of unbiased news.


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