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Judge Solange Guberman of Ottawa, Canada; incompetent moron

Judge Guberman (aka, the Goober) was appointed to the bench in 2007.
In October 2011, Judge Solange Guberman resigned as an Ottawa-area Justice of the Peace due to allegations that she fell asleep during court proceedings and showed excessive favoritisms to police and prosecutors.
The multitude of charges against Judge Guberman (aka, Goober) was made public after the Ottawa Citizen newspaper challenged the Goober’s efforts to have details of her case published.
During the defense portion of a trial, the Goober attempted to recall a police witness but was thwarted when the prosecutor told her the law didn’t allow her to do so.
Additional charges of Goober’s gross incompetence are as follows:
  • Falling asleep in court on more than one occasion
  • Failing to understand basics of the law despite being instructed and mentored by other judges
  • Inappropriate reliance on police offices, prosecutors and court staff for advice and direction
  • Exhibiting pervasive and severe incompetence during a careless driving trial by denying a defendant his basic legal rights
In a lame attempt at levity while seeking legal advice from court staff, the Goober would scream at them and “call them stupid.” Mirror, mirror on the wall!
Based on her egregious misconduct, the Goober was suspended from the bench in 2009; however she continued to receive her undeserved annual salary of $116,000.
Knowing that she would be removed from the bench, the Goober resigned her judgeship; however, the resignation doesn’t take effect until December 2012. This means that this incompetent boob has or will be paid nearly $500,000 during her suspension and resignation.
Who said being a certified dumb ass doesn’t pay well? It damn sure wasn’t the Goober, right?
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