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Judge Denise Hartsfield of Winston-Salem, NC; ticket fixer, liar, Dufus

The Judicial Standards Commission filed misconduct charges against Judge Hartsfield on March 1, 2011.
Hartsfield was charged with repeatedly dismissing traffic tickets and striking or waiving fines and costs for (a) friends, (b) acquaintances, (c) law students and (d) members of her church. On at least 70 occasions, court staff or personnel added cases to Judge Hartsfield’s docket with the understanding that she would treat these cases in the same manner as discussed above.
In State of North Carolina vs. Edward Levon Lowery, Jr., Lowery was charged with speeding 94 mph in a 65 mph zone, which by law required his appearance in court. When asked by an investigator why she did not require Lowery to appear in court, Denise said the law prior to 2008 or 2007 would not have required Lowery to appear. The Commission ruled that Denise was a liar and again tried to mislead the Commission.
The Commission also ruled that Denise intentionally lied about other matters to the investigator and did so for the sole purpose of misleading the Commission. Put simply, Denise was deemed to be a serial liar by the Judicial Commission.
In another ticket-fixing case, Gloria Allen who attends church with Denise, asked her about a speeding ticket she had received. Denise responded by telling Gloria to give her the ticket, which she did. Gloria never heard anything more about the ticket from anyone. Ms. Allen told the investigator that “Judge Hartsfield is a good friend and a Christian lady and she hopes she is not in any trouble as she was just trying to help me.” Let me tell you what Ms. Allen, a good Christian doesn’t go around “breaking the law” like Denis!
Judge Hartsfield demands Leniency
Hartsfield and her attorneys do not deny that she is a serial ticket-fixer. In addition, it cannot be disputed that she’s a serial liar who engaged in multiple instances of deceit when dealing with investigators for the Commission.
Judge Hartsfield has the chutzpah to argue that she should only be suspended from the bench for two (2) months. Clearly, Denise missed her calling as a standup comedian. Why not give Denise a 3-week all paid vacation to the Bahamas as punishment? 
The only appropriate punishment would be for Denise to be removed from office and to have her law license permanently revoked. Unfortunately, since Judicial Misfits are held to a lower standard of conduct then we are, I don’t believe the North Carolina Supreme Court has the courage to remove her.
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