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Justice Linda Copple Trout of Idaho; arrogant snob

Linda Copple Trout received her license to practice law from the Idaho Supreme Court in 1977 after graduating from University of Idaho College of Law.
In 1983 Linda was appointed as a Magistrate Judge. In 1992 then Gov. Cecil Andrus was duped by political hacks into appointing her as a Justice of the Idaho Supreme Court.  
Prior to retiring from the Supreme Court, Arrogant Linda had the chutzpah to say ordinary Idahoans “don’t know how to make a choice on who would make a good judge.”
Put simply, Arrogant Linda felt confident in calling the taxpayers that paid her undeserved salary a bunch of morons who were just too damn stupid to figure out who was qualified to sit in judgment of them. Apparently Linda actually believes that her "bowel movement is without odor"!
After porking out at the public trough for nearly twenty-five (25) years, Linda decided to retire early t o assure that she wouldn’t have to stand for re-election. In doing so, Linda made sure the voters would have no say in who would be her replacement. What a Gal, right?
Linda double-dips at public trough
Linda continues to have her significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough since she is now working the retired judge circuit in Idaho.
As a retired judge Linda is paid about $400 a day. Add to this her retirement pay of about $90,000 and Linda is whacking Idaho taxpayers for about $770 a day whether she works one hour or eight.
Who said public employees were underpaid? It damn sure wasn’t Arrogant Linda, right?
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