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Judge Stan Davis of Nashville; cheerleader for Attorney Misfits


The state of Tennessee provided Stan Davis with a law license in 1997 after he graduated from the University of Memphis Law School. 


In one matter, the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility found attorney Paul Walwyn of Madison, Tennessee of engaging in a variety of misconduct. In fact, the Board found Paulie to be incompetent, and guilty of criminal contempt of court just to mention of a few of its findings. To view a more detailed article dealing with Paulie, visit the URL listed at the end of this article.


When the Tennessee Supreme Court was determining the punishment that should be meted out to Paulie in regards to his egregious misconduct, Judge Fishburn had the audacity to testify on Paulie’s behalf. In his testimony, Stan laughingly stated:

  • Paulie is a respected attorney
  • H is an asset to the legal community
  • There is no reason to question his competency
  • He’s always respectful to the courts

What kind of imbecilic (my sincerest apologies to imbeciles) would even consider claiming on the record that attorney Paul Walwyn was a respected and competent member of the legal community in the Nashville area?


Hopefully, Paulie reimbursed Stan for the costs he incurred in purchasing a pair of Industrial Strength Knee Pads so that he could dutifully genuflect on behalf of Paulie the Serial Offender.


As we speak (March 2017), Stan practices at 501 Union Building in Nashville, Tennessee.


Attorney Paul Walwyn of Madison, TN; idiot, serial offender


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