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  Justice Richard Bernstein of Michigan; pompous simpleton


The state of Michigan provided Richard Bernstein with a law license in 1999 after he graduated from Northwestern University Law School.


In March 2017, Dick and his fellow abettors on the Michigan Supreme Court proposed new rules that would make it more difficult to punish corrupt and/or incompetent judges. Dick’s asinine proposal would implement a three-year statute of limitations in regards to judicial misconduct.


Under this preposterous rule, all Judicial Misfits have to do is conceal his/her judicial misconduct, no matter how egregious from seeing the light of day for three years. If the misconduct involves sexual harassment of court employees, the mere threat of being fired will surely suffice!


Dick’s compulsory rule would prohibit the Judicial Tenure Commission from investigating any complaints lodges against any Juridical Misfit more than three years after the miscreant violated the so-called judicial code of conduct.


Under Michigan law, there is a 6-year statute of limitations for any degree of sexual conduct involving a minor. In addition, all criminal misdemeanors in Michigan carry a 6-year statute of limitations.


So, what we have here, is a Supreme Court Justice who actually believes that the statute of limitations for judges should be halved in comparison to the misdemeanor statute. In other words, the old judicial saying of “We must be held to a higher standard of Conduct,” is pure bunk (BS).


In truth, Dick is advocating that Judicial Misfits be “held to a lower standard of conduct then everyone else in Michigan.”


Given the sorry record of the Judicial Commission is rooting out Judicial Misfits in Michigan, they may as well fold their tent, which would at least save the taxpayers a bunch of money.


As we speak (ca. July 2017), Dick continues to sit as an Associate Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court.


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