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Donald Trump orders photo of Sean Hannity by placed in Gov’t restrooms


In an effort to show his appreciation for Sean Hannity’s undying loyalty and his willingness to spew forth a variety of lies in support of Donald “Trumporleone” Trump, several unreliable and anonymous sources indicated that The Great Leader is about to issue an Executive Order regarding Sean.


Those sources stated that the award that will be given to Sean by The Great Leader will an order that all government restroom stalls be adorned with a photo of Sean Hannity on the inside door of each stall.


The primary goal of The Great Leader’s order is to reduce the cost the government incurs from its health insurer to cover bouts of constipation.


The Great Leader believes that photos of Sean on the bathroom doors will greatly reduce the amount of toilet paper that will be needed to service government employees. This savings will be possible because the employees should be able to have a great and speedy pass through while staring at Sean’s picture.


In addition, it is anticipated that Sean’s photo will provide more relief due to constipation than a dose of Industrial Strength X-Lax will produce.


Again, we must all stand in awe of The Great Leader’s inspirational executive orders that are meted out to ensure savings to the annual budget and thereby reduce the overall annual budget deficit.


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