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Donald Trump: Today’s “Whiny Loser” Award Winner


In keeping with his record-setting whining and crying about the Russiagate investigation, Donald ‘Trumporleone” Trump went into a whiny frenzy in responding to the FBI enforcement of a search warrant issued against his Consigliore and so-called attorney Michael Cohen.


Towards that end, The Great Leader went about sobbing as he sent out the following whiny tweets.

  • “Attorney-client privilege is dead!”

Unfortunately for The Great Leader, the evidence clearly proves that Cohen wasn’t his attorney. In fact, he was by his own admissions, The Great Leader’s “Fixer” who was tasked with doing whatever was necessary to silence women who had affairs with The Don and/or had facts that would or could derail his presidential campaign in 2016.


The only Witch Hunt that Bob Mueller is involved in involves obtaining evidence to prove that The Great Leader was and is the Director of the Trump Coven of Witches and Warlocks.


I’m hopeful that The Great Leader didn’t cry so hard that his adult diaper became saturated. Of course, I suppose that Depends.


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