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Iowans apparently giving Newt the Boot

Up until the last few days, Newt Gingrich has been leading the polls in Iowa. In fact, at one time he was leading Mitt Romney by double figures.
Apparently, Newt’s popularity in Iowa as the Republican Presidential Candidate’s “Buffoon of the Month” (my apologies to buffoons) is waning. In fact, it appears that Newt is as popular in Iowa as Bernie Madoff was in Palm Beach, Florida.
Is it possible that Iowa’s evangelical, family values voters are actually discounting some of Newt’s finer attributes, such as?
  1. Three wives (piker compared to Larry King, right?)
  2. First speaker to be fined $300,000 for ethical violations
  3. Attacking Freddie Mac when he later received $1.6 million as a consultant from Freddie
  4. Hypocrite for bad mouthing Clinton for his infidelity while he was screwing a staff member while he was married to his second wife
It is indeed unfortunate that Newt is getting the Boot from Iowa caucus goers. Almost makes ya wanna cry, right?


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