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Trump orders democrat voters in FBI to be fired


Several anonymous and unreliable sources indicated that Donald “Trumporleone” Trump is in the process of issuing an Executive Order for a review of every member of the FBI’s past voting record. After the review is completed, The Great Leader is going to issue an order firing every FBI employee that ever voted for a Democrat or is registered as a Democrat.


In addition, any member of the FBI who is registered as an “Independent” will be required to undergo “extreme vetting” to ascertain if he/she has ever expressed support for a Democrat and if so, that person will be summarily fired.


It was rumored that the “extreme vetting” could include waterboarding, pulling out of fingernails and/or a mandatory colonoscopy conducted by an amateur proctologist provided with equipment from the NRA.


After this purge of unpatriotic and disloyal members of the FBI is completed, we can sleep better at night knowing that no Republican officeholder will ever have to fear that he/she will be outed for engaging in espionage, defrauding the government, accepting bribes or any other felony.


This is just another example of The Great Leader taking affirmative steps to assure that he "Makes America Great Again."


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