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Trump orders Military Parade for Patriotic Draft Dodgers

Several anonymous and unreliable sources have indicated that Donald “Trumporleone” Trump is considering the issuance of an Executive Order that will mandate an annual Military Parade to honor America’s Patriotic Draft Dodgers.


In early 2018, The Great Leader ordered his minions to come up with a plan for a so-called parade to celebrate the military by having tanks and other military hardware rumble down the streets in DC. During the ceremony, The Great Leader would be standing on a platform facing the parade which would allow for passing soldiers to salute him.


Understandably, The Great Leader felt personally left out of a celebration honoring the military since he is a well disrespected Five Time Draft Dodger. Despite this fact, The Great Leader has determined that Draft Dodgers are deserving of being recognized as American Patriots for their personal sacrifices in avoiding the draft.


With that said, it is rumored that The Great Leader has invited the following Draft Dodging Luminaries and Super Patriots to join him on the dais while an assortment of other draft-dodging Patriots march past them while saluting in honor of their unique sacrifices.


Dick “Big Dick” Cheney

5 deferments with the first of three because he was attending a community college.

Rudy Giuliani

Received several student deferments, applied for and received occupational deferment as a law clerk when a friendly judge claimed the job was of national importance.

Rush “The Doper” Limbaugh

First deferment because he was in college, Final deferment based on his claim he had a “cyst” in the crack of his substantial ass.

Ted Nugent:

Multiple deferments were for psychological or moral reasons (admitted using of crystal meth).


The cost of this event will be fully funded by Trump supporters who are expected to spend $50 to purchase MDGA (Make Draft Dodging Great Again) hats or MGDA Coffee Mugs.


Alternatively, supporters of The Great Leader can help to fund this great event by paying $75.00 to purchase a MPGA (Make Porn Great Again) featuring a semi-nude image of Stormy Daniels.


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