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Trump discloses 2018 nicknames for family members


It is common knowledge that Donald “Trumporleone” Trump has a history of referring to various persons he has dealt with by providing them with a nickname. Some of the childish nicknames The Great Leader has given to his opponents and/or those he dislikes are as follows.

  • Sen. Ted Cruz – Lyin Ted
  • Steve Bannon – Sloppy Steve
  • Sen. Marco Rubio – Little Marco
  • Hillary Clinton – Crooked Hillary
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren – Pocahontas
  • Jeb Bush – Low Energy Jeb
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders – Crazy Bernie
  • Sen. Diane Feinstein – Sneaky

In keeping with his habit of handing out nicknames like candy on Halloween, The Great Leader bestowed the following nicknames for 2018 on his close family members.

  • Oldest son Donald Trump Jr. – Dopey
  • Second son Eric Trump – Ninny
  • Youngest son Barron – The Lord
  • Oldest daughter Ivanka Trump – My Girl 
  • Youngest daughter Tiffany – Ditzy
  • Son-in-Law Kirshner – Sleazy
  • Current wife Melania – Trophy

What’s next derogatory tag or nickname will The Great Leader spew forth? Will he have the chutzpah to call African nations “shithole countries’? My bad, he already did!


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