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Alabama’s new motto to attract Child Molesters, etc. to the state


Over the recent several weeks (November 2017), numerous women, teenage girls at the time, have come forward to detail sexual assaults, child molestation and/or sexual harassment at the hands of former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.


Roy is now involved in a special election for a seat in the U.S. Senate to replace former Senator and now U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions.


It appears that Roy the Pervert is likely to win the election on December 12, 2017 even though the evidence is overwhelming that he is a Child Molester and Sexual Assaulter of numerous teenage girls.


As a direct consequence of Roy’s support in Alabama and the fact that he’s a child molester, Alabama has decided to place a statue of Roy with his pants down to his ankles in the public square in downtown Birmingham to attract perverts and/or aspiring perverts to move to the state.


An inscription on the statute will state in part:

  • “Give me your huddled sinners yearning to molest children”
  • “Give me your accomplished spousal abusers”
  • “Give me your serial sexual harassers”

This invite should result in a huge increase in the population in Alabama which now stands at 4.86 million (ca. 2016). The inevitable increase in tax revenue should allow for the State to increase the money it spends annually to provide perks for hardworking state legislatures and judges.


And lastly, it is rumored that Alabama will be changing its state motto from “We Dare Defend our Rights” to “We Dare Defend our Perverts.”


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