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State Rep. Matt Dabadneh (D-CA): Today’s “Pervert” Award Winner


In November 2013, Matty succeeded in duping the voters in the San Fernando Valley area into electing him as a member of the California State Assembly.


Recently (early December 2017), two women came forth with allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Matty. (Jenavieve Hatch)


In the case of Pamela Lopez, a Sacramento-based lobbyist, she described her sexual assault at the hands of Matty the Perv as follows:

  • “I was face to face with Matt Dababneh and he had very quickly exposed himself and started masturbating.” she said.
  • “He told me to touch his genitals while he was masturbating.”
  • “I thought, ‘Make it very clear that I do not want to be here.’ I said several times, ‘No, I will not touch you.”

Jessica Yas Barker stated that The Perv harassed her and other employees while she was working for him in the office of State Rep. Brad Sherman. She said that working for the Perv was a “constant reminder that women were subordinate in all ways.


Ms. Barker claimed that on one occasions Matty opened his desk drawer to show her that it was full of condoms [alleged to be petite size condoms], and that he engaged in inappropriate touching, inappropriate comments about his sex life, and often showed off and talked to female colleagues or subordinates about his muscles and workout routine.


Of course, Matty the Perv denies he ever engaged in any of this type of depraved conduct. However, it shouldn’t be too long before he voluntarily resigns from his seat in the State Assembly.


Hopefully, Matty is arrested and charged with sexual assault. If convicted, I would hope the sentencing judge sends him off to Folsom Prison and orders that he be confined to Cell No. 114 where he’ll be roomed up with Clarice (real name is Clarence) who is acknowledged to be the friendliest guy in the joint.


As we speak (ca. December 2017), Matty the Perv continues to sit as a member of the California State Assembly in Sacramento. 


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