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Roy Moore Attorney Phillip Jauregui Jr. of Birmingham, AL; enabler for Perverts


The state of Alabama unfortunately provided Phillip Leo Jauregui Jr. with a law license in 1995 after he graduated from Samford University Law School


Child Molester, Serial Bigot, Scofflaw, Homophobe, Liar and Lunatic Roy Moore who was twice tossed off the bench as Alabama’s Chief Justice for breaking the law is now running for a senate seat to replace Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions.


Beginning in early November 2017, numerous women have come forward to state that Roy either sexually assaulted them or raped them while they were teenagers and he was in his mid-thirties and employed as an Assistant District Attorney.


In a lame and laughable attempt to defend Roy the Pervert, Phil made the following hyperbolic (BS) statements.

  • “I’ve been with him [Roy] in probably over 100 different meetings and been around probably an excess of 10,000 different ladies.”
  • “Not one time have I ever seen him act even remotely inappropriate against any woman.”

The following proves that Phil is a Congenital Liar in claiming he’s met with Roy over 100 times and been around him when Roy was around over 10,000 different ladies

  • Roy Moore was born in 1947
  • Phil was born in 1973
  • Roy’s assaults took place when between 1977 and 1981 when Phil was between 4 and 8 years old

The above facts clearly prove that Phil could not have possibly have met with Roy over 100 times during the time Roy was molesting young girls, sexually abusing them and/or shopping for teenage girls at the local Mall in Gadsden.


Hopefully, Roy the Perv has agreed to reimburse Phil for the costs he incurred in purchasing tubes of Industrial Strength Chapstick for the inordinate amount of time he’s spent kissing Roy’s derriere.


As we speak (ca. November 2017), Phil practices his brand of law with Jauregui & Lindsey LLC at 244 Inverness Center Drive in Birmingham, Alabama. 

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