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Retired Judge Thomas Armstrong of Minneapolis; lifetime porker, loser, scofflaw

Beginning in 1979 and ending in 2004, Thomas Armstrong succeeded in duping the voters into electing him as a Washington County District Court judge. Knowing that he wouldn’t likely succeed in scamming the voters in November 2010, Tommy retired in January 2011.
Since receiving his law license in 1972, Tommy has dedicated the vast majority of his life porking out at the public trough. Seems as though no respectable law office in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area was about to offer Tommy the Loser a good paying job.
In 2010, the Minnesota Judicial Commission filed a misconduct complaint against the Dishonorable Judge Armstrong. The Commission subsequently found Tommy guilty of:
  1. Made numerous “unseemly and offensive” submissions in slandering numerous present and former district judges and Supreme Court justices
  2. Engaged in combativeness toward other members of the judiciary
  3. Impugned and insulted the character and reputation of many judges
  4. Failed to exhibit even the “appearance of propriety”
  5. Illegally disclosed sealed information in a sexual abuse case to then-state Sen. Don Betzold
  6. Alleged to have tampered with a witness during the commission’s investigation
Since Tommy had already retired, the Commission presented him with a reprimand.
However, it also ruled that Tommy would never be eligible to sit as a visiting retired judge. This meant that Tommy would have to remove his significant snout from the public trough and seek other employment.
As we speak (ca. November 2011) Tommy advertises on the Internet as a “Wedding Officiant.” As an aspiring standup comedian, Tommy goes on to laughingly claim he’s “friendly and flexible,” has a “strong and eloquent voice,” he’s “easy to work with genuine and sincere. Clearly, Tommy’s laughable statements do not pass the involuntary laugh test.
Tommy’s self-serving web site can be found at: http://tgarmstrong.com/.

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