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Judge Douglas Rastatter of Springfield, OH; liar, loser

Sadly, the Ohio Supreme Court presented Douglas Rastatter with a license to practice law in 1994.
For the lion’s share of his adult life, Douglas has had his significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough. For several years, Douglas was an assistant prosecutor (aka, gopher) in Clark County.
In 2004, Douglas succeeded in duping the voters in the Springfield area of electing him as a Clerk County Common Pleas Court Judge.
Recently, the Ohio State Bar Association filed formal misconduct charges against Rastatter, some of which are as follows:
  • Repeated failures to follow the law
  • Repeatedly showing bias toward defense attorneys and defendant leading to reversals of his unwarranted decisions by the Court of Appeals
  • Attempted to “re-create” (fabricate) court record and manufacture reason for changing hearing schedule
  • Unlawfully sentenced defendant to consecutive terms (reversed by Court of Appeals)
In addition, the late Chief Justice Moyer granted an affidavit of bias filed against Douglas because he had engaged in unlawful ex parte communications with the Clark County Prosecutor.
It will take likely take at least a year before the Disciplinary Counsel of the Ohio Supreme Court issues its findings and recommendation for sanctions to the Ohio Supreme Court.
Hopefully, the justices of the Supreme Court will send Douglas the Loser packing by tossing him off the bench.
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