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Judge Maria Luísa Abrantes of Portugal; cheerleader for wife beaters


Portugal’s Higher Council of Magistrates (CSM) has embarked on an investigation into Judge Abrantes’ appellate court ruling involving a domestic violence case wherein she downplayed the seriousness of domestic violence assault on the grounds that the female victim had committed adultery.


In her ruling, Judge Abrantes cited the Bible, the Portuguese penal code of 1886 and that of other civilizations that punish adultery with death in playing down the violence visited on the woman by her husband and her lover, both of whom were given suspended sentences by a lower court.


The assault of the woman involved an attack on her with a nail-spiked club. In her disgusting opinion, Judge Abrantes supported the light sentence given to the criminal assaulters by stating they may have been driven to so act by the woman’s adultery, an offence she claimed was punishable with death in the Bible.


Judge Abrantes went on to reject the prosecutor’s plea to toughen the suspended sentence and fine imposed by the trial judge by saying the “depressive state” of the two defendants – the woman’s former husband and her former lover was in fact a mitigating factor.


So, what we have here is a Depraved Judge ruling that attacking a woman with “nail-spiked club” is a mitigating factor if the victim had engaged in adultery.


Do you think that Judge Abrantes would find it a mitigating factor if her husband decided to attack her with a “sledge hammer” if he believed she was engaged in adultery?


As we speak (ca. November 2017), Judge Abrantes continues to sit as an Appellate Judge in Lisbon, Portugal. 


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