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What's the average IQ of Fox News Viewers?


Anyone who actually believes Fox News delivers unbiased reporting is a certified moran (my apologies to morans). In truth, the patently biased and fabricated BS that Fox's newscasters (aka, Wannabee moronic-comedians) spew forth is the kind of entertainment (comedic relief) one would expect to see on Saturday Night Live.


The only time I tune into Fox News is when I'm looking for a good laugh or two, and they never disappoint.  And what about those standup comedians Fox employs to deliver biased and fabricated news? It appears that they have all attended and graduated scum laude from the Joseph Goebbels School of Journalism now headquarted in Stone Mountain, Georgia.


Here goes as to what I believe to be the average IQ of someone regularly tuning in to Fox to get the real news.

  • Equal to or less than legal speed limit for semis on the I-270 loop in downtown Columbus
  • Just a tad less than the maximum amount of air required in a car tire
  • Barely double the legal drinking age in Belgium

Suffice it to say that the morons delivering the so-called news at the behest of the Chief Moron (aka, Rudolph Murdoch) and the morons tuning in deserve each other. Below is a photo of a moron that that religiously tunes into Fox News.
















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