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Is GOP attempt to limit voting in 2012 acceptable?

After the 2010 election Republicans became the overwhelming majority in many state legislative bodies.
Over the past several months, at least thirty (30) Republican controlled state legislatures have passed a variety of election laws that seem hell-bent on making it more difficult to vote in the next presidential election in Nov 2012.
As an example, in Texas a state-issued picture I.D. from the University of Texas or Texas A &M does not qualify as valid I.D. for voting purposes. However, a concealed weapon I. D. is acceptable under Texas law to qualify to vote.
Mental Giants need not apply to understand that these highly restrictive and oppressive laws are specifically aimed at diminishing the vote of Americans who are likely to vote for Obama and/or other Democrats.
Many liberals and/or Democrats have attacked these laws as nothing more than a new and improved “literacy test” and/or “poll tax.”
Many in the GOP claim that alleged ignoramuses should be precluded from voting. In the past these folks were weeded out when they failed the required “literacy test.” In some instances the “literacy test” required the target to tell his inquisitor the number of coins in a bottle as depicted to the left. As could be expected the result was a foregone conclusion and the target was prohibited form voting.
In a rather lame attempt at fairness and equity, the assigned inquisitor would also require non-minorities (aka, honkies) to take the “literacy test.” This test also required the target to inform the inquisitor of how many coins were in a bottle as depicted to the right.
An unreliable source indicated that more prospective voters passed the test when asked the number of coins in the bottle to the left than those asked about the bottle to the right.
If the GOP can reinstitute this type of “fair and balanced” literacy test prior to the Nov 2012 election, we can all be comforted in knowing that the losers who fail the test such as African/Native Americans, Senior Citizens, Latinos, Mormons, Muslims and those of their ilk  will be unable to dilute our (y’all know what I mean) vote.
Praise the Lord and pass the jar with coins!
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