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Did Sean Hannity have a sexual tryst with Ann "The Man" Coulter?

       I don't possess any real evidence that Sean Hannity was actually involved in a sexual-fling with Ann "The Man " Coulter. Therefore, I had to rely on the journalistic principles utilized by well-respected, journalistic icons and idealists such as Sean, Ann, Prager and Savage (SAPS).  Put simply, in following the ethical ideals of the SAPS, I took as truth any and all rumors, hearsay, innuendo and/or gossip that Sean did in fact have sex with Ann "The Man" Coulter.

       My research of Sean led me to conclude that he's basically a "sissy" as that term was understood by me and my fellow classmates in the 5th grade at Rosary Cathedral elementary school in Toledo, Ohio. Sean reminds me of the little sissies (there was Joey and Timmy) that couldn't wait to slither in to see Sister Ursula and rat on my friends and me in order to garner a few brownie points if ya know what I mean.

       Although Sean is an admitted warmonger, he has never served his country in any capacity even though he could have volunteered to serve in Iraq or Afganistan. He then has the chutzpah to viciously attack anyone on the left side of the political spectrum who did in fact courageously serve their country in a war zone. This is the typical conduct one would expected from a certified "sissy" (aka, coward).

       As with most "sissies," they tend to seek out dominant men, I'm sorry I mean woman when engaging in extra-marital affairs. Given Anne's dominant nature and manly appearance (check out that adams apple), its obvious that Sean enjoys being subservient to the nth degree. I believe the pictures below are clear and convincing evidence that Sean sought out Ann because of her manly attributes and more importanly because he is a sissy.


In this side-by-side photo, who do ya think is the dominant male?

This picture tells who the cowboy is and who the cowgirl is in this illicit relationship, right?

 I suppose we can now expect to hear Sean say, "I did not have sexual relations with that man, I mean that woman!"



















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