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Steve Mnuchin: Today’s “Avarice” Award Winner


Steven Terner Mnuchin is a former Goldman Sachs banker and hedge fund manager who was appointed as Secretary of the Treasury by Donald “Trumporleone” Trump. Stevie is a multi-millionaire (net worth of $400 million) who made his money by being a “money changer” who raked in millions by charging exorbitant fees for basically doing nothing to improve the lives of middle class Americans.


In June 2017, Stevie married former actress Louise Linton. Subsequently, they decided to honeymoon in Paris, London and other European venues. However, to further prove that he’s a greedy, penny-pinching loser, Stevie asked that he be allowed to use of U.S. Government plane to fly him around the world on his honeymoon.


The operational cost of a government plane to fly Stevie and Louise is $25,000 an hour. At 8.5 hours one way from DC to Edinburgh, Scotland the cost would be $225,000 or $450,000 roundtrip. A flight from Edinburgh to Paris takes 1 hour and would cost an additional $25,000.


Stevie is another fine example of a greedy, arrogant loser multi-millionaire that believes that middle-class taxpayers should foot the bill when he and his trophy wife decided to vacation in Europe.


What’s next for Greedy Stevie? Will he demand that the taxpayers fund his future purchases of Industrial Strength Viagra? These repeated purchases will likely be necessary since Stevie is 65-years old and his trophy wife Louise is 36-years of age (ca. 2017).


Congrats Stevie; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of Americas Least Appreciated “Penny-Pinching Losers”; you are far too humble.


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