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Ann "The Man" Coulter's racism expertise

Ann "The Man" Coulter (my apologies to real men) is clearly one of America's premier experts on racism in America, right?


In her most recent missive (she has the gonads to call it a column) titled: "How about a national conversation on race hoaxes?" Ann the Man again plays fast and loose with the truth (Surprised?). As I suspect you know, Ann the Man discovered many years ago that putting forth false allegations aimed at defaming others, especially those she claims are liberals, was a tried and true method for making large deposits in one's bank account. Put simply, Ann the Man is nothing more than a opportunistic Rush Limbaugh clone.


In her July 29, 2009 column, Annie feigns sympathy for the Cambridge, Massachusetts cop that arrested Harvard professor Gates for beaking into his own home. Let me tell ya what folks, in my experience traveling through the citadels of racial harmony like Mobile, AL, Charston, WV, Louisville, KY and Biloxi, MS, racism remains a thriving industry here in the good ol' U S of A! By way of example I offer the following:


In the late 90s while traveling through Louisiana on a Sunday morning, I stopped off at a diner just off of 1-10 for breakfast. The host was an African-American as was my waitress. Within minutes a black fella and his family arrived. It was obvious they had just left the local church because they were dress to the hilt. The host then told the black man, "Don't you know we don't seat black folks here?" Before the fella could respond, the host then said, "That's what the picnic tables outside are for." 


Just outside Toledo, Ohio, in a all-white enclave called Ottawa Hills, it was common for local cops to pull over African-Americans driving through under the guise they were up to no good (aka, driving while black.).


I suppose that Ann the Man would place the fault on a young African-American from Alabama in the 1950s who was strung-up (lynched) on a Maple tree in Birmingham for allegedly having the audacity to peer at a white woman parading her physical attributes down the street. Annie's phony claim to be knowledgeable about racism is akin to Rose O'Donnel procalining superior knowledge about the pleasure of engaging in sex with a male.


Me thinks that Ann the Man would assert that a young African-American living in Birmingham in the 1950s, who had the audacity to peer at a white woman strutting her stuff in public was rightfully strung-up (lynched) on the spot for such egregious behavior, right? Well, I suppose if the white woman happened to be Ann the Man, then the fella got exactly what he deserved, right?


I'm confident that Ann the Man has never experienced this type of behavior from good ol' white cops while traveling through the country. Therefore, for her to lecture us on what constitutes overt racism is akin to the late Jeffrey Dahmer and/or Idi Amin demanding that Miss Manners be instructed to publish their missives on proper dining etiquette.


Suffice it to say that Ann the Man is nothing more than an unprincipled money-grubber who is willing to say anything to enrich herself at the expense of those she unfortunately targes. Lastly, without knowing all the facts, I am not suggesting that the Cambridge, Massachusetts cop is a racist.


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