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Texas Rep. Tom Craddick; breaks law by failing to disclose gifts

Tom Craddick has been porking out at the public trough since 1969 when he was first elected to the Texas legislature to represent the folks in and around Midland. During his 42-years at the trough, Tommy was the Speaker of the Texas House from 2003 to 2009.
Like most other states, Texas requires elected officials to file annual Financial Disclosure Statements. These statements require officials to disclose all outside income, interests in real property, and ownership of stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds.
Texas law also requires disclosure of any gifts wherein the value is $250 or more. Failure to report any gifts on one’s disclosure statement is a criminal misdemeanor in Texas. Despite this fact, Tommy failed to report gifts from his fellow state legislators as follows:
David Swinford – 87th District Rep. – Dumas, Texas - $298.50


$ 687.25
Gifts For Speakers Apt.


Frederick Brown – 14th District Rep. – College Station - $687.50


Huntleys Jewelers,
$ 298.50
Gift For Speaker Craddick For Roast


On his 2001 personal financial statement under Part 7 – Gifts, Tommy listed “Not Applicable.” He did the same thing on his 2005 financial statement.
It would of course absurd for Tommy to claim he was ignorant of the law in failing to report the gifts totaling $986 from his fellow legislators. This is especially true since Tommy had been sucking on the public tit for over 30 years when he engaged in said criminal conduct.
It appears that Tommy may have lucked out from being criminally prosecuted for this conduct in that the statute of limitations may have tolled.
As we speak (ca. Sept 2011) Tommy the Scofflaw continues to represent the folks in Midland as their state representative in Austin.

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