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Rush Limbaugh sez he’s distracted by Fox girls with skirts up the thigh


During a recent (early August 2017) episode of the Rush Limbaugh Comedy Show, Rush “The Doper” Limbaugh, commented on how he is affected by the so-called female news personnel working on the Fox News Comedy Network.


The Doper went on to tell his intellectually deprived followers:

  • “I'm sorry, I'm going to have to turn off these TVs.”
  • “I'm just -- I'm going to have to turn off these TVs in here.”
  • “On the Fox [News] show, it's nothing but eight pairs of legs that you see.”
  • “Who can do a program when all you see is eight pairs of legs with the skirts halfway up the thigh?”
  • “I mean -- what do they expect us to do here?”

Make no mistake about it folks Fox intentionally has the women they employ sit on couches that face the audience. They are then required to wear skirts that go at least halfway up their thighs. In addition, they are required to cross their legs in a slow and provocative manner to keep their voyeur invested audience tuned in.


These compliant women are involved in performing as Sharon Stone did in the hit movie “Basic Instinct.”


As for The Doper, given his obvious unattractiveness to the average woman, I’m sure he spends a lot of time watching the Fox Girls squirming in their seats while their skirts flow further up their thighs.


And lastly, the obvious answer to The Doper’s question, “what do they expect us to do,” is what everyone suspects that he and those of his ilk always do under these types of circumstances, which is one or more of the following.

  • Applying the hand brake
  • Buffing the banana
  • Engaging in couch hockey for one
  • Debugging the hard drive
  • Doing the five-knuckle shuffle
  • Playing five against one
  • Straining the main vein
  • Yanking your plank

And lastly, The Doper’s incessant rants over the years that he’s a “self-made man” ring even truer now. This is especially true since The Doper has never fully explained why his left arm is much larger than the right.


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