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Trump engages in childish rant with news reporter


Over the past several days in early August 2017, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump has engaged in a childish name calling regarding reporters he claims are part of the Fake News network of Don haters.


The only so-called news agency that The Don has never attacked is the Fox News Comedy Network and its cadre of comedic reporters such as Sean Hannity.


Given The Don’s penchant for having a potty mouth and for his boorish behavior, we could get lucky in the future and be

be witness to The Don engaging in the following back and forth with a reporter that outs him for telling yet another blatant lie. 



“You’re Mother wears combat boots.”


“I saw your mother standing on the corner with a mattress on her back.”


“Your Mother’s like a cake, everybody gets a piece.”


“You’re Mother’s like a police station with Dicks running in and out.”


If we’re lucky this childish tirade will appear on Cable TV, preferably the Comedy Channel. 

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