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Trump orders switch of annual Whitehouse Easter Egg Hunt to annual “Witch Hunt”

An unreliable source who works for the Fox News Comedy Network has reported that Don


ald “Trumporleone” Trump is about issue an executive order that will do away with the Annual Whitehouse Easter Egg Hunt and replace it with the Annual “Witch Hunt.”


An assortment of Don Approved Witches will be hidden in various locations near the White House. Invitees to the Witch Hunt will be limited to members of the Tea Party, Celebrated Misogynists, Sexual Predators and Serial Liars such as:

  • Sean Hannity soon to be former Fox show host
  • Bill O’Reilly former Fox show host
  • Rush “The Doper” Limbaugh
  • Justice Clarence “This Coke’s for You” Thomas
  • Former Rep. Anthony Weiner
  • Eric Bolling of Fox News
  • David Vitter: former Senator from Louisiana  

Some of the approved witches who will be hidden in plain sight are as follows:

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of “The View”
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts
  • Amy Schumer, comedian
  • Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco
  • Miley Cyrus, Pop Singer
  • Lorretta Lynch, former U.S. Attorney General
  • Rosie O’Donnell
  • Margaret Cho, Standup Comedian
  • Susan Sarandon, Hollywood Movie Star
  • Rep. Maxine Walters of Los Angeles

Upon being discovered the Witches will be immediately placed on a bus and transported to Salem, Massachusetts and brought before The Don who will act as judge and jury I immediately declaring them guilty of Witchcraft in their opposition to him and order appropriate punishment to be meted out to the miscreants on the spot.


Easter will never be the same!

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