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Judge John Hair, Jr. of Fayetteville, NC; punitive loser, ethical dwarf, bully


In an act of bad judgment, the North Carolina Surpeme Court presented John Hair, Jr. with a law license in 1981. Subsequently, Johnny the Loser succeeded in duping the voters into electing him to a judgeship in Fayetteville.
Eventually Johnny was charged with and found guilty of a plethora of misconduct, much of which revolved around his wife’s Barbara’s divorce filing. Some of the findings against Johnny the Misogynist are as follows:
  1. When the presiding judge in his divorce case didn’t rule in Johnny’s favor he attempted to pressure him, which resulted in the judge’s withdrawal from the case
  2. Johnny threatened members of the DA’s office with professional reprisals for their involvement in his divorce case
  3. He also threatened to get even with his Barbara’s attorney and other attorneys and members of their law firms who were involved in any manner in his ex-wife’s divorce action
On one occasion while Johnny was walking down the hallway towards DA Edward Grannis’, Mr. Grannis called out him to ask the status of his latest divorce hearing. Also present were assistant DA Anne Hatch and John Dickson, who were listed as standby witnesses in Johnny’s divorce case. Johnny then shouted at them angrily and pointed his finger at them and said he didn’t appreciate their not testifying which he considered disloyal.

Before Ms. Hatch could respond to Johnny’s tirade, he reminded Mr. Grannis that:
  • He wore a black robe
  • Members of his staff had to appear in court before him
  • He would remember that Hatch and Dickson didn’t testify for him
Totally upset by the Moron’s threatening comments, Ms. Replied by telling Johnny that he could take his subpoena and “shove it.” How cool is that? Kudos to Ms. Hatch for having the courage to tell Johnny to kiss her ass.
To prove that he was a petty and vindictive martinet, Johnny also threatened attorney Robert Stiehl and his law firm because a secretary at the firm had notarized a document for his ex-wife Barbara. Later the Loser told Mr. Stiehl, “I appreciate the hell out of your law firm helping my wife with her domestic matter.”
As a consequence of his egregious misconduct, the enablers and apologists sitting on the North Carolina Supreme Court punished Johnny the Loser by gifting him with a complimentary censure.
As we speak (ca. August 2011), this certified Loser remains on the bench in Fayetteville, NC.
This is only further proof that Judicial Misfits are held to a much lower standard of conduct then we are.
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