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The “Mooch” and Steve Bannon’s “auto-fellatio"


Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci has been associated with Donald “Trumporleone” Trump for many years. Several years ago, The Mooch was inducted as a soldier (made man) in the Trumporleone Family.


In mid-July 2017, Trumporleone Family consigliore (counselor) Jared “The Dude” Kushner, The Don’s son-in-law, persuaded The Don to promote The Mooch to a be a Capo (Caporegime) in the Family.


At the ceremony elevating The Mooch to Capo, The Don also advised him that he would be rewarded with the title of White House Communications Director.


Immediately after the award ceremony, The Mooch appeared along with Sarah Huckabee at a White House press conference and repeatedly expressed his “love” and “undying loyalty” for The Don.


After a couple of days in his new role as Communications Director, The Mooch agreed to do an interview with New Yorker Magazine’s Ryan Lizza. During the interview, The Mooch made the following potty mouth statement about fellow Trumporleone Capo Steve “The Animal” Bannon.


“I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock.”


It was reported that The Don was amused by The Mooch’s statement; however, it appears that Stevie never disputed to the Media’ that he “sucked his own cock.”


To be fair to Stevie, it may well be that he’s a “contortionist.” Giving additional credence to The Mooch’s statement is the fact that over the years Stevie has repeatedly bragged that he’s “a self-made man.”


And lastly, Stevie’s alleged “auto-fellatio” (performance of fellatio on one's self) could have been one of the primary reasons that his wives Cathleen, Mary and Diane divorced him. 

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